Abil-WELD is a water reactive white powder which becomes a high performance, long lasting and environmentally friendly glue and repair mortar for mineral surfaces such as masonry mortar. It can be used as mortar for concrete and rendered walls, gypsum plaster/line interior wall finished, and colour grouting for ceramic floor and wall tiles.   

Ability Building Colours Co has developed Abil-WELD free of noxious solvent fumes, volatile organic compounds, does not emit green house gases, and is completely safe for the user and the environment, promoting ecological sustainability.    

Abil-WELD is simple to mix and apply with regular glue application equipment and has low odour. It is able to achieve high permanent bond strength even if constantly immersed in water, both chlorinated and sea. Abil-WELD is so versatile it can be matched to almost any colour.    

Flame spread and high temperatures (up to 180 degrees) do not affect the performance of the glue, and Abil-WELD is also resistant to acids, alkalies, chloride and sulphate aqueous solutions which cause rusting of iron and steel including reinforced steel in concrete.    

Ability Building Colours Co has developed Abil-WELD with a focus on long-term durability and performance, and is suitable for most clean, prepared and stable vertical and horizontal substrates.