Abil-HARD is a, non-toxic additive, developed by Ability Building Colours Co which improves adhesion, strength, and abrasive wear resistance through chemical cross linking. It is suitable for use on liquid emulsion latex polymer based and resin bound, water borne coatings and adhesives.  

The free-flowing compound is formed by water, highly durable solid, immutable anhydrous metal silicates and aluminates, along with anti-foaming agents, and potentially improves coalesced emulsion resin bound coatings through the reinforcement of crystal lattices. This means the adhesives set faster; there is greater defence against wear and abrasion, and increased protection resistance towards water, chemicals, heat and fire.  

Abil-HARD cannot be added to liquid paints, adhesives, textile coatings or liquid resin type products as it will cause these to form a gel and lose viscosity, therefore rendered useless. However, a micronized grade of Abil-HARD is also available, which has a finer particle size and results in easier dispersion in less time.  

The addition of Abil-HARD to paint and coating formulations allows for the dispersion of fine colouring and hiding pigments, and does so more efficiently than polyacrylate pigment dispersers. This results in a finer ‘grind’, uniform longevity, and a higher degree of colour intensity.  

Comprehensive testing has shown that Abil-HARD may cause the combined compound to lose some elasticity however; it will also result in less thermo plasticity, a substantially higher resistance to moisture penetration, solar radiation and weathering, and stronger adhesion. Essentially, the more Abil-HARD used, the more effective the outcome.