Abey Australia has developed a new pipe clipping range that can save plumbers a significant amount of time on building sites.

Abey’s Speed clipping system will revolutionise the way pipes are hung and fixed on site. Hanging and fixing pipe work can be a time-consuming and laborious task for plumbers who have to deal with heavy pipe work, fiddly nuts and bolts, and ladders. 

With Abey’s new Speed clips, plumbers no longer have to use nuts and bolts to fix clips onto brackets, with the ‘nut-less’ system simply clicking into place. 

Designed and manufactured in Australia, the new Speed clips speed up installation by five times compared to most conventional clips, and are easier and safer to use. A fully interchangeable integrated system, Speed clips are available for most common PVC, copper and expansion pipes.

The Abey brand is renowned in the industry for the quality and performance of their plumbing and building materials, most of which are designed and manufactured at their Melton facilities.

Abey’s new Speed clipping systems have been developed through close consultation with key industry professionals and rigorous testing using NATA certified ALS laboratories.