Abey Australia has introduced a new clipping system that helps plumbers secure pipework to brackets without the use of nuts and bolts.

Over one million clips and brackets are used each year in the construction of homes and dwellings. Given the time constraints in the building and plumbing industry, faster installation of pipework provides a distinct advantage.

Easier to use and five times faster to install than traditional clipping systems, Abey Speed clips work by sliding the hooked clip end into the bracket. The tension created by the pipe holds the bracket in place, without the need for cumbersome nuts and bolts.

The plumber simply anchors the appropriate bracket, fits the clip around the pipe and then clicks the clip into the bracket. 

Available for PVC, expansion and copper pipes in most common sizes, the Abey Speed clips range consists of six brackets for various wall and hanging applications. All brackets and clips are manufactured from high quality G – Z275 Australian galvanised steel. Clips are also powder-coated for added corrosion protection and aesthetic conformity. 

Abey Speed clips are currently available for domestic applications with a commercial range under development for industrial and fire applications. 

Designed and developed by Abey in close consultation with key industry professionals, the Speed clips are NATA certified laboratory strength tested, and conform to Australian and New Zealand building standards. 

Abey Speed clips are supported nationally and available through Reece and all good plumbing merchants.