ABET  Laminati Externa is manufactured from solid grade high pressure laminate and is ideally suited for exterior applications. It has a surface texture called Grip which consists of embossed squares in a diagonal pattern. This pattern ensures good drainage and minimises slipperiness. Different colours in which Externa is available include Grey, Biege, Sand, Ochre, Green and Ivory. Externa panels produced by ABET can be used for construction and renovation of balconies, stairs, terraces, podiums and many other structures.

Externa sheets manufactured by ABET can be easily machined like timber or plywood. It is advisable to cover the top Externa laminate with a sheet of plastic during transport or storage. Holes and joints should be sealed with silicon if Externa sheets are used for exterior purposes. Externa panels can be installed with the help of screws or glue.

ABET Laminati Tefor is a recycled decorative surfacing material which is manufactured from recycled polypropylene and laminate powder. It is thermoplastic which is resistant to water absorption in moist environments. Tefor has many applications, including retail shelving, back splashes and vertical cladding. Tefor is available in seven different colours and has high impact strength. Tefor should not be used for exterior applications and also should not be exposed to direct sunlight.