ABC Palms  is a supplier of the majestic Canary Island date palms in and around Australia. It also trims and transplants existing palms to suit customer needs and requirements.

The Canary Island date palm is originally found in the Canary Islands in the Atlantic Ocean. There, these are primarily used for making baskets and decorating houses and churches. These palms need complete sunlight and well-drained soils. The other palms supplied by ABC Palms are Cretian date palms, Dwarf date palms, Jelly palms, Washingtonia spp and many more.

The Canary Island date palm must be pruned every now and then. Experts from ABC Palms are able to provide their help with the trimming and pruning at regular intervals.

ABC Palms is committed to providing customers the value for the money that they spend on these palms. They strive to treat these customers with dignity and respect.

The Canary Island date palms from ABC Palms are supplied to homes, offices, contractors, property developers, corporations and even the government. Thus, ABC Palms' speciality is the supply, trimming, transplanting and buying of palms in and around Australia.