ABC Palms  supplies quality Canary Island date palms for the purposes of decoration, landscaping and property development. ABC Palms is based in Adelaide, South Australia. The main services provided by ABC Palms are trimming, transplanting, supplying and buying palms especially Canary Island date palms.

The trunk sizes of the Canary Island date palms supplied by ABC Palms range from 1 metre to 10 metres. These palms can be chosen by customers according to their requirements. The company also provides quality seeds and seedlings of the palms. ABC Palms is also a specialist of trimming palm trees. The two most popular and common shapes in which palm trees are trimmed are wine glass collar and standard collar.

ABC Palms can transplant palms of any size to any part of the world. Apart from supplying and selling, ABC Palms also buys various types of palm trees from those interested in making a sale. The company consists of specialists who are experts in handling, maintaining and installing Canary Island date palms and others palm trees.