Established in Adelaide, ABC Palms is a supplier of Canary Island Date palms in and around Australia. It provides these to homes, property developers, contractors and the government.

ABC Palms supplies quality Canary Island date palms to the residential and commercial sectors. These palms can range from 1m to 10m in trunk size. Seeds and seedlings are also supplied by the company to customers who are interested in growing their own palms. Common shapes of Canary Island date palms are stand and wine glass collar. ABC Palms can trim existing palms to suit these shapes and sizes. Transplanting these palms is also a speciality of ABC Palms. It can move these palms to any part of the world. ABC Palms is also in the business of buying palms of every kind.

ABC Palms can also remove and newly install Canary Islands date palm according to customer needs and requirements.

These date palms are originally found in the Canary Islands in the Atlantic off the coast of northeast Africa but today, with the help of ABC Palms, these palms can be transported to any part of the world.