ABC Glass Tinting Specialists  are installers and suppliers of Bekaert speciality films, 3M Solar security films and Armorcoat safety and security films. ABC Glass Tinting Specialists focus on all kinds of flat glass applications such as solar, security, safety, graphic and decorative applications.

ABC Glass Tinting Specialists supply Solar Gard window film products, made from top grade materials to provide optimum performance. These window films are thin, multi-layered pieces, made from optically clear film and are attached to the inner surface of the glass to enhance durability. These are sputter – coated with strong materials like titanium, copper, silver, inconel, stainless steel, chromium and other alloys. With this multiple metal usage, the multi coloured Solar Gard glass offers fine performance.

Solar glass, provided by ABC Glass Tinting Specialists, comes with a scratch resistant coating. These window film glasses undergo various endurance tests to guarantee the quality of the product.

ABC Glass Tinting Specialists offer graffiti protective film from Solar Gard. This is an optically clear and detachable product that can be used a sacrificial fence between vandals and surfaces.