ABC Brick Sales  is a supplier of bricks, blocks and pavers. Pavers from ABC Brick Sales are manufactured by companies such as PGH and Custom Paving.

PGH pavers from ABC Brick Sales can be chosen on the basis of colour and texture. The coloured pavers that ABC Brick Sales supplies come in golden tans, rustic browns, rich creams and the like. The texture of a paver improves the overall finish of the architectural feature. The paver textures from ABC Brick Sales are Thrown, Premium Repress, Standard Repress and Wirecut. ABC Brick Sales also provides customers with PGH clay pavers that are natural and durable.

Pavers manufactured by Custom Paving that are supplied by ABC Brick Sales are used for residential, commercial, industrial and landscaping purposes. The popular pavers are made of slate, sandstone and silkstone. The pavers that are essentially used for landscaping purposes are cobblestone pavers, bushrock pavers, pebblestone pavers and sleepers. A variety of drainage pavers are also available from ABC Brick Sales.