ABC Brick Sales  is a supplier of bricks, blocks and pavers that are produced by leading companies such as Quantam Stone, Havenstone, Claypave, Chelmstone and many more. ABC Brick Sales provides customers with 24-hour display booths, online services as well as 'How-to...' guides.
Quality bricks are supplied by ABC Brick Sales. Some of the most popular models are those from PGH and Boral. Customers can choose according to their requirements as there is a wide range available.

Handmade pavers, traditional pavers and stone pavers are supplied by ABC Brick Sales. These pavers can be used for driveways, walkways, patios, courtyards and pool surrounds.

Blocks available from ABC Brick Sales are either natural or coloured. The designs that customers can purchase are smooth or splitfaced types. Retaining blocks are used to retain walls and steps. Those available from ABC Brick Sales are quality retaining blocks from companies such as Tasman and Hanson.

ABC Brick Sales also provides customers with DIY or 'How to...' guides that guide them on laying pavers, building a retaining wall and mixing mortar on their own without professional help.