Abbey Fireplaces  is a supplier of innovative and efficient gas heaters and wood fires in Australia. Other speciality products from the company are wood and gas flues.
Flue parts for wood heaters from Abbey Fireplaces include rings, penetration kits, outers, bends, cowls, plates, T-pieces, offsets and brackets. Gas flues, on the other hand, consist of adaptors, oval bends, vents, ceiling rings and the like.

The air transfer system supplied by Abbey Fireplaces is the AirXchanger. It helps improve the heating and cooling systems in a home by constantly circulating the warm or cool air. The AirXchanger consists of a motor which moves air at the rate of about 325m3/h.

The AirXchanger removes moisture and steam from bathrooms. This system is available in 240 and 12 volt units. The entire AirXchanger kit includes a high-performance fan, ceiling grilles and ducting equipment that include a roll of duct tape.

Other products supplied by Abbey Fireplaces are gas heaters, wood heaters, cookers and outdoor fireplaces. These are manufactured by leading companies such as Arrow, Kent, Heatmaster, Eureka, Lopi and Optiflame.