Abbey Fireplaces  is a supplier of heaters and fireplaces such as gas and electric heaters in Australia. It is also a distributor of fireplaces manufactured by leading companies such as Arrow, Lopi, Eureka, Heatmaster, Optiflame and many more.

Medium halls and living rooms can be heated by electric heaters from Abbey Fireplaces. They have modern lines that add to the aesthetic value of these rooms. Some of the popular manufacturers are Optiflame, Electraflame and Glen Dimplex. These electric heaters are usually made of aluminium or stainless steel. There is also an option of a glass door being attached to the heater. These heaters can be constructed and installed anywhere. They can also be mounted on the wall as is the Optiflame SP8 Wall Fire electric fireplace.

Two types of cookers can be found in the Abbey Fireplaces range. These are the Eureka cooker and the Gourmet cooker. The Eureka cooker consists of a 6mm steel firebox. It has a comparatively large over space with a heating capacity of 12 squares. The Gourmet cookers come in a central heating version with two removable plates to use woks instead. The output of its boiler is about 15kW.