ABB Australia  is a specialist of industrial and engineering products such as drives, motors, generators, capacitators, control systems and many more.

Semiconductors from ABB Australia consist of dies, IGBT, diodes, Thyristor, GTO and IGCT. These semiconductors can be used in drives, traction and AC transmission systems. The power capacities of these semiconductors are 300-12000A and 200-8500V.

ABB Australia provides turbocharging for diesel and gas engines which have a power range above 500kW. The A100 Turbocharger is the latest product in this range.

Purification and distribution of water is carried out through the water automation and optimisation processes from ABB Australia. These include water information management products and water operation products.

The control systems product range of ABB Australia consists of Programmable Logic Controllers, Distributed Control Systems, Safety Instrumented Systems, Collaborative Process Automation Systems and many more. Some of their speciality products are SATT, Freelance 800F, Compact Products 800 etc.

ABB Australia offers force measurement product that improve productivity and quality in various industries. The newest product to be launched by ABB Australia is the MTG Foil. Some of the other products are torque sensors, engine monitoring and dimension measurement.