ABB Australia  is an engineering company that specialises in industrial and electrical products such as drives, transformers, robotics, power electronics and many more.

Instrumentation and analytical products from ABB Australia include FOUNDATION Fieldbus, PROFIBUS & HART and the like. Apart from these, there are recorders, controllers, actuators, positioners and photometers that customers can choose from.

Apart from high and low voltage products, ABB Australia also offers medium voltage products. These consist of current limiters, voltage indicators, reclosers, fuses, cutouts, vacuum interrupters and poles. These are mostly used in the industrial and commercial sectors.

Power electronics from ABB Australia are a result of decades of experience and research. Some of its speciality products are sensors, traction convertors, excitation systems, high power rectifiers and many more.

ABB Australia has been successful in installing more than 160,000 robots around the world. Customers can choose their robots by the application they need it for. The robotic range of products from ABB Australia also includes software products, controllers and service providers.

The different types of transformers from ABB Australia are distribution transformers, power transformers, industrial transformers, traction transformers and reactors.

Utility communication products from ABB Australia consist of the FOX family, the FOXMAN Network Management tool, Voice Switch IS3000 and many more.