Abacus Rent It  is a rental company that provides customers with computers, audio visual products and office equipment for hire. It assures speedy delivery as it has stations all around Australia in Perth, Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne.

Abacus Rent It provides LCD projectors and video projectors for corporate presentations and meetings. These projectors are compatible with all types of laptops and notebooks. The brands that Abacus Rent It offers are Hewlett Packard, Hitachi and the like.
Laptops and notebooks supplied by Abacus Rent It can be used for networking and wireless purposes. Every brand from Toshiba to the latest Intel Centrino are available from Abacus Rent It.
Panasonic, LG and NEC plasmas are offered by Abacus Rent It for corporate presentations, art galleries, and shop promotions. Abacus Rent It also provides aid in the installation of all rented equipment supplied by it.

Abacus Rent It is specialised in providing Macintosh computers. Some of the models that are available for hire are iMacs, Powermacs and Cinema Displays. Abacus Rent It is capable of providing over a 100 pieces in a day in any part of Australia.