Aarons Mini Excavations  provide diggers to various building and construction companies, in and around Australia. Aarons Mini Excavations is also a member of the Marulan rural fire brigade. Aarons Mini Excavations provides their diggers and offer services at affordable prices .

Aarons Mini Excavations is of the view that their diggers can fit through any opening which is more than a metre wide. They are all-terrain diggers that can be used on wet surfaces too. The Aaron Kanga mini digger is suitable for all bucket work and it is used in applications such as landscaping, construction, retaining walls and garden edging. It can make post holes of any size for billboards, fences and railings.

Aarons Mini Excavations' diggers can also be used to construct trenches for electrical and water management purposes. Aarons Mini Excavations also provides site cleaning facilities with the help of rippers. This consists of waste removal and brush clearing. The company provides services for areas in and around Mittagong and Parksbourne.