Aaron Lee Pest Control  is a pest control management company established in 1979. its services include termite control and inspection to provide termite-free homes and workplaces.

Altis Termite Reticulation from Aaron Lee Pest Control provides termite management systems to residential, commercial and industrial sectors in Western Australia. These systems can be installed at any stage such as pre-construction, renovation or in fully established homes or offices. The termite control systems from Aaron Lee Pest Control are environmentally friendly as they comply with all Australian standards of safety and design.

Altis Termite Reticulation from Aaron Lee Pest Control consists of highly trained and experienced employees who have complete knowledge of termite infestation and control. Altis is one of the systems that can be installed around the building or under concrete slabs to provide protection from termite infestation.

The experts from Aaron Lee Pest Control are also able to advise customers on buying houses that are completely termite and pest free.

Aaron Lee Pest Control is also working closely with other pest and reptile control management units in order to provide complete pest and reptile control solutions.