Designers of commercial and domestic properties often consider the outdoor area as an extension of how the entire space is utilised, with an emphasis on the flow from indoors to out. The focus has shifted from shutting out the elements to including them in the way we experience our spaces beyond our internal walls.

It is important to include protection in outdoor areas from the sun, wind and rain so that clients can use the space for more months of the year – whether it be a backyard in a home, alfresco dining area on a patio or a beer garden in a bar or restaurant.

Often, the best way to accomplish this is to install a retractable roof over the area. That way, depending on the size and how the outdoor space is to be used, it can be furnished with outdoor lounges and cushions, tables and chairs, potted plants, an outdoor kitchen, heaters, lights, and rugs.

The roof not only defines the space, it protects it from elements. However, at times the best thing is to not have a roof!

No matter what the season, here are some scenarios to demonstrate why “sometimes, you just don’t need a roof”

  1. On a starry spring night – a retracted roof allows people to enjoy the night sky, connecting with the elements for a true outdoor experience.
  2. On a warm summer evening – when the heat of the day has subsided, retracting the roof is like opening a window allowing an increase in air movement.
  3. On a cool dry winter’s day or night, many people will still want to enjoy an outdoor BBQ or an alfresco meal with friends and family. A fire pit or brazier is a great way to create atmosphere and to keep warm. A retracted roof would allow the smoke to dissipate as well as avoid damage to the roof membrane.
  4. On a wet autumn day, it is important to keep the roof closed to protect furniture and fittings from the rain. But as soon as the sun is out, a retracted roof will enable the sun to dry off any dampness and reduce the risk of mouldy cushions and furniture.

With a variety of retractable roof options available to complement any style of building, why consider a fixed roof over an outdoor area? Priced from $800 to $1000 per square meter the practical benefits and aesthetic qualities of a retractable roof far outweigh the fixed roof options.

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