Aalta Screen Systems  offer practical frame designs for retractable roof systems that match colonial, timber or solid brick houses.

As one of the most recent versions of the Pergotenda (timber framed) retractable roof system, Twin has the same unique key features as its foundation but is cast from the highly rated Millenium form.

The main difference to Pergotenda is that Twin retractable roof frames are fixed by two pillars, not one, and affixed by strong large front beams and cross beams.

Twin retractable roof frames offers a robust, strong and functional timber system with the same key features as the Pergotenda. The frames can be installed either flat or tilted and are available in a wide range of tints suitable for any setting.

Key features of the retractable roof frames include: 

  • Designed to resist strong winds (up to 50 km/h) 
  • Motorised operation and remote control 
  • Needs to be installed to a supporting wall 
  • The Scandinavian made timber structure is autoclave treated and supplied, including arms, shoulders, runners and posts 
  • The PVC fabric is durable and waterproof with a minimum of maintenance 
  • The roof frames are supplied with a 5 year quality guarantee
Further information on Twin retractable roof frames is available from Aalta Screen Systems.