Available from Aalta Screen Systems , VZ520 skylight horizontal sun shade screens are manufactured from components from Belgium and have been specifically designed to be installed all types of existing structures including pergolas and conservatories. The horizontal sun shade screens combine modern styling with a high quality finish. 

VZ520 horizontal sun shade screens are an ideal solution in preventing harsh sunlight from striking the glazing and help to noticeably reduce air conditioning energy costs.

The horizontal sun shade screens roll up in a roller box, protecting it against rain, hail and other weather conditions. The box is fitted to the guide rails and fastened to the conservatory frame. The fabric is kept under constant tension when extended due to the cable-spring system. The space between the fabric and the glazing ensures good heat dissipation and ventilation. 

VZ520 horizontal sun shade screens are available with a maximum width of 5.5 metres and a maximum projection of 6 metres. One horizontal sun shade screen unit can cover an area of 25 square metres and the units can be joined together to make the width almost unlimited.

The VZ520 horizontal sun shade screens are equipped with electrical operation, using a tubular motor. An option of an automatic wind-sun sensor regulating the awning automatically is also available. Remote control operation provides easy operation of the horizontal sun shade screens.

Features of the VZ520 horizontal sun shade screens include:

  • High-quality materials 
  • Solid, rustproof aluminium frames 
  • UV resistant synthetic components
  • Rot and mildew resistant fabric 
  • 5 year guarantee 
  • Motorised operations 
  • Effective sunscreen solution 
  • Units can be joined to cover large areas 
  • Proven design over 20 years