Using Italian flair and the latest materials and designs, Corradi retractable roof systems from Aalta Screen Systems provide the ultimate in flexible living space.

Corradi Millenium retractable roof systems feature a contemporary design and materials that have been chosen to complement modern homes.

Millenium retractable roof systems have an anodised aluminium framework with a motorised retractable textile membrane that provides a vital link between inside and outside areas in all weather conditions.

Features of the Corradi retractable roof systems include:

  • Can be installed tilted or flat 
  • Can withstand strong winds 
  • Clear anodised aluminium frame 
  • Offers total rain and sun protection 
  • One unit can cover an area of 13 metres width x 5.9 metres extension 
  • Remote motorised operation retracts fabric under protective hood

The flexibility of the retractable roof systems allows warm winter sun into the building when retracted, reducing energy cost during the winter and the summer.

The flexible textile membrane used in Millenium retractable roof systems consists of three textured layers with an embossed woven effect pattern. The membrane of the retractable roof provides excellent heat resistance and block-out characteristics.

High tensile toothed transmission belts and six wheel carriages confidently extend the membrane of the retractable roof system and the tension controlling motor guarantees constant tension when extended. Total protection is provided even in heavy rain and a gutter can be fitted for rain water drainage.