Aalta Screen Systems  and Corradi introduce a new range of retractable roof systems.  

ARKO roof systems are designed for full weather protection and feature a cantilevered structure without front posts for an uninterrupted view.  

ARKO roof systems are stabilised with a minimum of two arched braces fixed to the wall behind. The projection is determined by the available anchorage height with the maximum projection being 4m.  

The roof systems are aesthetically designed without the posts in order not to disturb the outdoor living area or view.  

Featuring a robust supporting substructure, ARKO roof systems can withstand strong winds to grade 6 on the Beaufort Scale. ARKO roof structures can resist strong winds up to 50km/h.  

Similar to all Aalta roof products, ARKO roof systems are also motorised with remote control operation.  

Homeowners can enjoy the best of all weather conditions by using the remote control to retract or extend the flexible textile membrane in the motorised roof systems.  

The retractable roof is manufactured from high-quality materials. Made of Glulam laminated timber finished with stain or paint, the structure and runners can be chosen in different kinds of finishes and colours.  

The Scandinavian timber used in the structure for the arms, shoulders, runners and posts is autoclave-treated for durability.   

The PVC fabric is durable and waterproof, requiring minimal maintenance.  

ARKO roof systems are supplied with a 5-year quality warranty.