Aalta Screen Systems  have introduced the new European retractable sun and rain protection systems, especially designed for Australian outdoor living.
IMPACT (roof) and ERMETIKA (wall) products are designed to let in as much or as little of the weather as users want. These products combine to create the retractable room and provide full retraction in summer and full protection in winter.

Aalta Screen Systems’ product is a good room addition for residential environments and an ideal way for clubs, pubs and restaurants to enclose outdoor areas. Aalta Screen Systems can build the roof into an existing sub-structure, or build the sub structure as part of the product. Aalta Screen Systems’ roof product is highly cost effective when compared to conventional building options.


  • Full protection from sun, rain and strong wind (up to 75km)
  • Fully or partly retractable
  • Fully motorised “press a button” operation
  • Gutter and downpipes can be installed for rainwater collection
  • Much cheaper than conventional building
  • A solid 100% product quality guarantee for 5 years
  • A versatile roof cover in a practical and elegant design