Two retractable roofs from Aalta Australia were installed at a home in Northern Beaches to enable the family to enjoy the outdoors in all weather conditions.

With a great location, plenty of space, a wonderful backyard and even a swimming pool, this family home was designed for a growing family. However, the northwest facing backyard became too hot in the summer for them to be outside. Though the two umbrellas provided some relief, they were not sufficient. During the rains, the three boys were confined inside the house.

Aalta supplied two 3-runner Papilio roofs, one measuring 6.5m wide with a 4m projection and the other, 5.7m wide with a 2.60m projection.

The retractable roofs were installed above the existing tiled roof to provide a greater sense of space, maximise the warmth of the winter sun on retraction of the fabric, and allow sufficient slope for drainage. The supporting structure was powder-coated white to match the house. After much deliberation, the clients chose a white translucent fabric to ensure maximum light, rather than opaque fabric, which would have blocked out all light.

Aalta’s Papilio roofs have helped create a wonderful outdoor living space for the entire family with the area extensively used by the children to play in all weather conditions.

It delighted the Aalta team immensely to hear from their happy customer:

“Three things changed my life over the years as a mum – my Thermomix, my Dyson Hand Held Vacuum Cleaner and our new Aalta Retractable Roof!” - (Mother of three)