Aago Stone  is a provider of stones that can be used for interiors as well as exteriors. Aago Stone is passionate about stones that are used in day to day lives of people. Aago Stone supplies such stones to customers to decorate the interior and exterior surfaces of their kitchens, bathrooms etc. adding beauty to their products.

Aago Stone imports, special stones to the Australian market and supplies the required material at the right time to architects, builders and home renovators. This factor makes the services of Aago Stone cost effective.

Aago Stone offers natural stone products which include a wide range of marbles, travertine and limestone from the fine quarries around the globe. The stone offered by Aago Stones are of high quality, can be supplied easily and are available in different selections. Limestone tiles are considered as an ideal choice suitable for bathrooms, kitchens and floors.

The collection of stones available at Aago Stone include white travertine, light travertine, medium travertine and cappuccino travertine.
Travertine stones, available from Aago Stone are used for constructing buildings. Travertine is used for flooring, cladding on buildings, showers and wall coverings. It is filled with grout which gives a uniform polished surface like that of marbles. Unfilled travertine is beautiful and used in flooring exterior surfaces of buildings.