Anodising has the ability to enhance the natural metallic lustre of aluminium with a process that also creates an extremely durable surface.  

Australian Aluminium Finishing  specialises in anodising for aluminium surfaces in a comprehensive range of finishes, including natural, matt, clear, coloured, bright and premium grade anodising. Mechanical polishing and finishing is also being utilised in the bathroom and picture framing industries.  

The EverShield brand of coatings AAF is produced and tested to comply with Australian standards for anodised coatings for architectural applications. EverShield is suitable for internal and external applications where a durable hard wearing surface is required.

For protection against the harsh Australian environment, AAF has designed EverShield Coastal. It is available in a variety of colours and comes with a 25-year Surface Integrity Guarantee from AAF. As salt air is extremely corrosive to most metals, EverShield Coastal coatings can build up and toughen the aluminium's inherent resistance to corrosion from salt and pollutants.

In addition, AAF has created EverShine which is ideal for those applications where an extremely bright, elegant metallic lustre is required. With a durable hard wearing surface, the natural beauty of this finish will provide an ambiance of class and sophistication in any project.