Australian Aluminium Finishing Logistics offers a solution to space constraints and availability of cash challenges faced by many businesses. This new integrated offer helps companies hold adequate stocks and provide short lead delivery times.

Some of the cost benefits of AAF Logistics include the reduction of overhead costs by eliminating facilities and labour costs, optimizing shipping costs by sending AAF truckload quantities rather than job lot quantities and reducing transport costs by drop-off and pick-up routines and avoid empty loads

AAF Logistics delivers:

  • The capability to manage extruded aluminium stock by financing, ordering or controlling the physical management of inventories.
  • A system that seamlessly integrates finishing orders with stock control in real time, in short, cutting and eliminating a multitude of non-value adding activities
  • A process that increases the responsiveness of customer service requirements by having stocks close to the finishing process.

AAF Logistics services available for the following industries:

  • Shower screens & wardrobe manufacturers
  • Picture frame and display frame fabricators
  • Commercial and industrial curtain wall manufacturers
  • Architectural window & door manufacturers
  • Other product fabricators using extruded aluminium