Australian Aluminium Finishing’s  EverShield External high grade anodising has been designed to provide warranty grade finishes that can be relied on in Australia’s demanding environment. The sun is a harsh and respected opponent to any surface finish.

EverShield External high grade anodising has really passed the test of time. Anodising has been used in some of the monumental projects in Australia’s major cities and many examples can be cited of finishes that are 50+ years old and still performing well.

Landmarks such as Centrepoint Tower in Sydney and the Rialto Towers in Melbourne stand today are testament to these claims.

Incredible durability and special technical qualities make high-grade anodising last for decades. Australian Aluminium Finishing’s controlled anodising process achieves a surface hardness better than steel while retaining its unique metallic lustre. EverShield External offers good colour stability and chalking resistance, will not chip, flake or peel, and is tough with an elegant appearance.

The anodising process builds up and toughens the aluminium's inherent resistance to corrosion. The result is a hard anodised finish suitable for outdoor architectural needs.