Australian Aluminium Finishing Evercoat powder coating is an applied and tested thermoset powder coating process for architectural applications. 

In accordance with Australian Standards code AS3175, Australian Aluminium Finishing has implemented the international standard 'Qualicoat', requiring randomised external audits of manufacturing facilities.

The Evercoat powder coatings can be made in a multitude of colours, lustres, textures & special effects coatings allowing for flexibility in aesthetic choice. 

Australian Aluminium Finishing powders are formulated with high grade polymers & pigments, which provide better weathering (colour & gloss) than the standard powder coatings, rendering your coating a newer shine for longer. Australian Aluminium Finishing also offer general powders for architectural projects. General powder coatings are ideal for finishes that do not require a warranty or stringent controls and performance. Australian Aluminium Finishing can undertake any finish in accordance with the Australian Standards AS3175.
When selecting warranty grade powders, requiring proof of warranty, Australian Aluminium Finishing Evercoat high grade powder coating provides durability results 7.5 times longer than that required by the Australian Standards for Powder Coating (AS3715). From initial registration to final delivery, the warranty is registered as soon the type of coating and location is specified.

Australian Aluminium Finishing can guarantee up to 30 years protection from Evercoat powders depending on the in situ environment.