AAA Skilled Solutions  is an Australian builder offering services using modular housing kits. AAA Skilled Solutions are builders and developers of Prefab Hi-tech Accommodation. The standard plans range from cabins to 4 or 5 bedroom homes. The standard plans at AAA Skilled Solutions are to scale and hence running a scaled ruler over the design, one can work out room sizes easily. AAA Skilled Solutions rarely builds a standard design. Many clients use them in the b and then modify them to suit their budget, needs and site.

AAA Skilled Solutions products include modular housing, quick erect housing and concrete housing.
The products of modular housing are catogerised into various types such as Billy Burke, Billy Burke Camp, Billy Burke 3, 4 and Duplex.

“Billy burke” is made from steel frames, modular by design, has an energy efficient insulated panel roofing and wall insulation with double glazed windows and easy to install. “Billy burke” camp also has same features but has separate parts. Electrical and plumbing works of all the products are carried out according to Australian standards.

Quick erect housing products from AAA Skilled Solutions are named as Fraser, Balina, Heron, Keppel, Stanthorpe, Warwick, Dunk, Hamilton, Caloundra, Lismore, Capella, Emerald, Lennox and Airlie.

Each product of quick erect housing has similar features with different dimensions. The features include ready to connect services, made from steel frames, roofs and walls are covered using non-conducting materials with double glazed windows.

The dimensions of “Balina” are 31.28 meter square and internal dimension includes 3.4 X 9.2 meters. “Fraser” is 49.64 meter square internally; “Heron” 59.33 metre square, etc.