AAA Skilled Solutions  are builders and developers of Prefab Hi-tech Accommodation.

AAA Skilled Solutions constructs family houses using containers and housing kits. The container housing products are categorized as Buderim, Buderim Connector Kit, Roma and Gladstone.

“Buderim” containers from AAA Skilled Solutions are a 20 inch containers made from steel frames and inner portion with dress veneer and quality vinyl floors. Power and lighting connections are provided both internally and externally. This type of container can be assembled within four hours of time and are come in a ready to connect state.

The “Buderim connector kit” is used to connect two container houses and 18 metre steel sheets are required. Six metres for the top, six for the bottom and six metres on both sides. “Roma” and “Gladstone” containers from AAA Skilled Solutions are similar to that of “Buderim” but have the inner part lined with dressed veneer and the flooring is done using vinyl materials. The assembling time required is four hours. These containers are Easy to install and have double glazed windows. The roof panels and walls are insulated and are in ready to connect service mode.