AAA Shower Seal  can solve problems in showers that include damaged, mouldy or missing, cracked or mouldy grouts, cracked, broken, loose or missing tiles, damaged, cracked, old or incorrectly fitted shower screens and slippery floors.

According to AAA Shower Seal on an average a shower could be used up to 712 times a year, 7120 times in ten years for a couple having only 1 five minute shower each per day.

For a family of four, AAA Shower Seal can double those figures to 1424 times a year or 120 hours.

Similarly for a house with four teens, AAA Shower Seal can multiply the time figure by at least 4, that could mean 480 hours of use a year or 4800 for the ten year figure.

AAA Shower Seal provide cleaning services for the showers where steam cleaners are not used. Steam cleaners push water vapour through the grout and erode surfaces rapidly and lift seals. Abrasive cleaners and hard scrubbing brushes erode the grout and wear the seals. AAA Shower Seal bombard the surfaces and seals with a myriad of chemical treatments that will effect the life of the shower.

According to AAA Shower Seal chemicals like soaps, hair cleaning and conditioning products, perfumes, hair removal treatments and hair colourings can damage the surfaces and seals over time.