AAA Sexy Floors  is a designer concrete floor original. Each stylish epoxy floor is one of a kind and becomes a feature of any fit out.

AAA Sexy Floor has presented a floor laid for one of Australia’s most successful couture designers.

A leader in the Australian fashion industry recently launched its 2007 collection of sleek, sexy and sensually irresistible couture. He's taken his unique take on ladies fashion and taken his design experience to his chic showroom.

The dark musk pink centre piece signifies the femininity of his work.

It’s bright, vibrant and eye catching. The smooth and sparkling black epoxy surrounds contrast to give the area an intimate feeling of style and elegance. As soon as you walk into this area, the ambience gives you a feeling of grandeur.

This one of a kind of floor by Sexy Floors is a good example of its business acumen. Sexy Floors showcases your unique style and personality.

AAA Sexy Floors supplies customized designer epoxy floors.

AAA Sexy Floors’ seamless floors are environmentally friendly and are suitable for all domestic, commercial and industrial projects.

The concrete coatings are durable, low maintenance, hygienic and are of modern design.