AAA Sexy Floors  can estimate and specify any Commercial, Industrial and Domestic project within Australia. They can design an epoxy floor with environment friendly products that are free of VOC’s (volatile organic compounds).    

What are volatile organic compounds (VOC’s)?    

When it comes to the environment we live and work in, we are all exposed to numerous forms of volatile organic compounds. These emissions can come from a vast array of sources that can include adhesives, carpet, vinyl, paint and manufactured wood products.  Some of these products can emit very high levels of VOC’s and is a contributing factor in the term ‘sick building syndrome.’ By eliminating some of these materials you can help keep your surrounding environment clean and green. The products used at Sexy Floors are environmentally friendly as they are free of VOC’s.

AAA Sexy Floors metallic range of aluminium, copper, gold and bronze are very popular. They also have a variety of colours to choose, from subtle to spectacular. These finishes meet Australian standards of non slip R9 to R13 and can be in gloss, matt or satin.

Being seamless means not only is the floor easy to clean, it also means the dust and allergens have no where to hide. For areas that are prone to flooding, epoxy floor finishes are the ideal solution. AAA Sexy Floors designer epoxy floors are as easy to maintain as mopping a floor.

The products they apply are so versatile; floors can be transformed every time into something that is individual and unique. So call Sexy Floors for specialist advice on all concrete coating floors.

A new North Queensland Sexy Floors franchisee servicing north of Rockhampton is coming soon.

If it’s not a Sexy Floor, it is not an original design.