Concrete used to look dull boring grey.

Then along came the paving paint and for a while it looked better, but then you had to keep painting it because the paint chipped off and that looked worse than before.

Gone are the days when all you had to cover your concrete with is paint, vinyl, tiles and carpet. The trend now is to create something different that is practical, low maintenance, durable, individual and stylish.

Sexy Concrete Coatings is so versatile that it can be used indoors and outdoors. AAA Sexy Floors’ first metallic range of epoxy features aluminium, bronze and copper, plus it has a large range of colours to choose from. Sexy Concrete Coatings can be in gloss, matt or satin with non slip up to R13.

AAA Sexy Floors has mixed its bronze and copper together to create a work of art for Noci Restaurant in Cleveland and applied a similar mix on the driveway of this property on the Sunshine Coast.

Seamless floors and outdoor concrete coatings have come along way and are now about design. Sexy Floors can estimate and specify any commercial, industrial and domestic project in Australia.