AAA Sexy Floors Australia  are designer epoxy flooring pioneers. AAA Sexy Floors’ seamless floors are durable, low maintenance, environmentally friendly and are suitable for all domestic, commercial and industrial projects.

Sexy Floors evoke emotion. Each floor has character.

AAA Sexy Floors’ seamless floors cover the spectrum of colour and design; from the classic polished concrete to the futuristic metallics including aluminium, bronze, copper and gold. Each seamless concrete coating is designed for a specific area and feel.

Today, we discover AAA Sexy Floor’s ‘Aluminium’ floor. Not just limited to foil and cans, aluminium gives you a completely different feel to your fitout. This futuristic type floor works well with straight lines to give you that symmetrical effect.

AAA Sexy Floors recent jobs have included aluminium against whites, mirrors, blacks and of course, other aluminium.