AAA Door Closers are both a supplier and installer of automatic gate operators. They have installed automatic gate operators in private homes, apartment blocks, schools, corporate buildings and factories. They are suitable to use on three different models of gate. These are:

Boom gate operators
These gates monitor traffic flow and control access into a certain area. Before purchasing this product it is important to consider the size of the boom gate opening, the purpose of the gate and the amount of usage the gate will get. These gates are usually found in toll booths, shopping centre car parks and industrial areas.

Sliding gate operators
These automatic gate operators can be installed to timber, steel, other metals, fibro and glass sliding gates and come with a warranty on both installation and labour. They can also be linked with a keyfob access device, sensory detection equipment and remote access entry.

Swing gate operators
These automatic gate operators allow the user to have the convenience of opening the gate without the need for manual labour. AAA Door Closers can install a solar powered system if the gate is a long way from mains power. These operators have been fitted to swing gates in private homes, housing estates, apartments, commercial and industrial sites.