Access for those people with impaired mobility is essential in both domestic and commercial buildings. AAA Door Closers can assist the disabled in relation to automatic doors and gates with its range of disabled access solutions.

Sensory detection equipment
An automatic door that has a sensor installed will be able to detect when someone is approaching. The door will then open automatically allowing them to pass through. These sensors can also identify when an object is blocking the pathway of the door and stop the door from closing.

These sensors are ideal disabled access solutions for people in wheelchairs, people with prams or people who cannot pass through a doorway quickly due to low mobility. Applications include department store entry doors, shopping centres and commercial buildings.

Key remote access devices
Key remote access or keyfob devices can be used to open an automatic door or gate from a distance. These electronic security devices are ideal disabled access solutions for those people who are not physically able to make contact with the door or gate to open and close it. Using the keyfob allows them to pass easily and safely through the doorway or gate and then shut it safely behind them.

Remote access CBUS systems
AAA Door Closers now has the technical know how to control automatic doors and gates through high end automation systems such as CBUS. These disabled access solutions are becoming more popular with the increase in use of such technology.