A3P  represents various key issues which are categorised in three divisions namely industry development, timber technical support, sustainability and environment.

The issues under industry development includes human resource and skills shortage, plantation resource expansion, research, development and marketing. Timber technical support discusses ssues like product certification, treated timber, Blue pine framing and environmental issues are sustainability. and A3P's sustainability action plan, biodiversity, chemical use in plantations, paper recycling, etc.

One of the environmental issues like use of chemicals in plantation are also disscussed. Pesticides are defined as a chemical mixture that is used for controlling weeds, fungi, insects, nematodes and animals which adversely affect quantity and quality of plantations. Chemicals are used in plantation to control the growth of weeds reducing the impact of pest and disease attack.

A3P’s Sustainability Action Plan is designed to keep the industry focused on actions related to the 21 broad sustainability issues. The plan consists of new initiatives and builds an existing initiative, compliance levels, regulatory requirements and certification schemes from within and beyond the industry.

Features of the Plan include a product approacher which recognises the growers, manufacturers, governments, importers and shares responsibility for the environmental impact of a product throughout production, handling, purchasing, using and discarding. A process to review, update and reshape the Plan. Clear targets and measures performance.

The A3P’s Sustainability Action Plan is the result of the strong consultation with A3P’s member companies and representatives from the major Non Government Organisation environmental groups in Australia.