A3P  is supporter and investor in plantations for Australia. The 2020 Vision plan was proposed along with other industry partners including Australian forest growers, Tree farm investment managers Australia and the Australian state and territory governments.

A3P’s strategy target of the vision is to increase the plantation area from the area of 1.7 million hectares to 3 million hectares by 2020. The softwoods planted area reached 1,000,642 hectares in 2004. 2020 Vision from A3P offers an important strategic framework for the development of national policy which include the new federal taxation arrangements for forestry MIS and supports the private investment in new plantations. 2020 Vision has also helped in securing crucial on-going fund2020ing for the private forestry development committees, who play the prime role in plantation industry coordination and stakeholder interaction.

2020 Vision strategy from A3P has assisted the national timber councils task force to engage local government Australia in forest industry development issue and to help the regional economic benefits of the plantation industry.

Structural Pine Grading is also an important aspect undertaken by A3P. A3P offers F7 visually graded structural product, guidelines for verification of structural timber products and mechanically stress graded (MSG) timber - manufacturing specifications.