A-Plan Kitchens  is an Australian company, involved in design and manufacture of laminate doors for modular kitchens. These products are durable, present a choice of colours, are low on maintenance and easy to clean. Bench tops are made with high pressure laminates.

Solid surface bench tops are made of hundred percent acrylic resin and the surface is non-porous. Fire and acid resistant, solid surface bench tops from A-Plan Kitchens come with a 15 year warranty.

Solid timber bench tops present a better appearance of richness than other materials which could be used for this purpose. Oiled or polyurethane finishes are also available from A-Plan Kitchens. These can be installed with the kitchen.

Engineered stone bench tops are made from a mixture of pigments and polymers along with quartz aggregates. These products are highly non-porous and exhibit the ability to control shades and different patterns.

Marble and granite bench tops produced by A-Plan Kitchens are available in a wide range of colours and are unique. Stainless steel bench tops are used in commercial and domestic kitchens. These units are custom made to suit specific kitchen fit out requirements and give robust and hygienic surfaces.

A-Plan Kitchens also provide modular kitchen units for domestic purposes. These models are sleek and streamlined, smooth and sophisticated and DIY compatible.