A/P Shutters and Blinds , a leading supplier of interior and exterior blinds has observed the increasing popularity of external venetian blinds as a go-to design aesthetic for architects, designers and home renovators alike.
External venetian blinds deliver several benefits to both residential homes as well as commercial projects, providing protection against harsh weather conditions, allowing light in during winter and preventing the entry of the midday sun during summer while also offering a high level of privacy especially for homes fronting main roads. Additionally, from the point of view of aesthetics, external venetian blinds provide a sleek, minimal edge to any property and are considered as a trendy design accessory for windows.
Installing external venetians to areas that experience high sun exposure can stop the sun’s rays from hitting window surfaces, preventing excess heat from permeating into the home and allowing the interiors to be naturally cooler in the summer months.
Andrew Cummings, director of A/P Shutters and Blinds observes that external venetian blinds are fast becoming a product of choice for architects and high-end designers as more homes and commercial buildings start to focus on the exterior façade as a feature.
He explains that the aluminium material and sleek colour variations of the external venetian blinds create a high-end finish to any façade. Additionally, external venetians can be angled to capture or deflect sunlight depending on the weather. Mr Cummings adds that the blinds are great for solar efficiency and can help to cut down on unnecessary energy wastage due to the product’s sun and heat protection elements.