A-P Controls  is one of the companies which merged with three other companies to form Inaco Automations. The products offered by A-P Controls include Rockwell automation safe zone multizone safety laser scanner.

The products offered from Inaco Automations are diverse and comprehensive and also distributed in the industrial markets. Inaco Automations along with the staff of A-P Controls helps in selecting the product, provide application advice, support and logistics.

Inaco Automations Controls supplies industrial, electrical and manufacturing industries with control and automation device and systems. Inaco is an ISO 9002 accredited company who offer effective innovative solutions.

Inaco Automation Controls distributes products under the brand names Allen Bradley, Brad Harrison, Numatics, power ware, prolinx, belden, cognex, rock well software, spectrum etc.

The product Rockwell automation safe zone multizone safety laser scanner is a safe zone multizone type 3 opto- electronic device which provides protection by detecting the objects in its sensing field. Safezone multizone emits infra red laser light at 190 degree arc which is safe for eyes and also receives and processes the light reflected off from the sensing field. The light emitted helps in determinig the distance and position to the object. Finally, when object is detected a stop signal is sent by the safezone multizone to the protected machine.

Features of safezone multizone include two pairs of configurable detection zones with safety and warning zones which can be adjusted to the maximum scanning range. Configuration of the zones are fast and easy through use of window- based SCD software supplied to each zones.