The electronic products supplied by A-P Controls from Allen Bradley includes programmable logic controllers, power monitors, operator interfaces, industrial computers, safety light curtains, sensors, temperature controllers, tower lights, frequency drives, etc.

The programmable logic controllers products by Allen Bradley from A-P Controls are further classified into control logix, flex logix, compact logix, soft logix 5800, SLC 500, micrologix 1000, 1200, 1500 and guardPLC 1200.

Control logix system provides multiple types of control with flash upgradable firmware. Compact logix is a powerful logix based control system and is used for tackling smaller machine level control applications.

One of the recent electronic products from Allen Bardley is the micrologix 1100 controller. The micrologix provides all features required in a compact controller with Ethernet, online editing and a LCD screen on each controller.

Other features and benefits are built in Ethernet port for sending messages at high speed connectivity between the controllers with facility to access, monitor and program from any part. Online editing can be made when a programm is running. Embedded web server provides different point to point network protocols. Embedded LCD screens allows the user to monitor the data within the controller, helps in modifing data and interacts with the control program.

The GuardPLC 1200 system is a safety-related compact programmable electronic system designed with IEC 61131 and IEC 61508. GuardPLC safety controls system is designed for smaller applications which requires functional safety. The size of the GuardPLC 1200 system along with DIN rail mounting allows deployment under limited panel space conditions.