A.Noble Pest Control  provides pest control services to residential, commercial and industrial areas. A.Noble Pest Control's services include termite control and prevention, general pest management and body corporate pest management.

A.Noble Pest Control operations controls all type of pests including spiders, ants, silverfish, cockroaches, bedbugs, rodents, fleas, etc. Ants mostly affect the buildings and gardens by building intricate nests and are attracted by sweets, fats, oils, meats and water. Ants are commonly seen in indoors during summer. Ants build their nests in foundations, cavities of the walls and toilets and in indoor potted plants. Some species of ants attacks even electrical wiring, attracted by magnetic fields and insulations, which results in damage of the properties.

Termites are responsible for the damage of more than $700 million every year in Australia. On an average one in five homes are attacked by termites in Australia. Termites are capable to damage one-quarter of the home in three months.

A.Noble Pest Control provides annual termite maintenance for effective control over termite problem. Termites feed on dead plant cells like wood, roots, dead herbs, leaf litters and grasses. A.Noble Pest Control inspects the presence of termites by the dead termites and loose wings seen in the areas.