A-Line Switchboards , a part of the APPS Group of Companies specialises in the manufacturing of a wide range of switchboards. A-Line Switchboards offers a gamut of switchboard solutions to suit any requirement. Some of the electrical switchboards from A-Line Switchboards include main switchboards, distribution switchboards, control panels and busbar systems. Engineered with reliability and durability, A-Line Switchboards offers quality main switchboards and distribution switchboards which mainly serve the commercial market. A-Line Switchboards also offers various other electrical switchboards including sheet metal cubicles, take-off-boxes and electrical wiring ducts. Gang boxes and cable rollers are also offered by A-Line Switchboards.

Apart from providing switchboard solutions, A-Line Switchboards also offers control cubicles, electrical ducts, aluminium busbar systems and copper busbar systems. A-Line Switchboards specialises in the manufacturing of steel clad cubicles, rising main systems and steel brackets. A-Line Switchboards also offers a wide range of sheet metals to suit multiple requirements. In order to serve its customers better, A-Line Switchboards provides on site modification of switchboards. Expert engineers from A-Line Switchboards visit the customer’s location and offer quality switchboard solutions which suit their requirements.