A-Line Switchboards manufactures switchboards from:

• Mild steel

• Aluminium

• Zinc anneal

• Stainless steel

A-Lines expertise

A-line Switchboards

• constructs switchboards up to 6500amps.

• offers purpose built switchboards to suit existing space.

• builds boards to operate under the harshest environment up to IP65 rating.

• constructs main switchboards to meet up to form 4B (AS 3439-1) segregation requirements.

• utilises tinned copper bus bar for its busway construction, giving the customer the best possible meshed join available.

• produces switchboards that are powder coated to a durable high-quality finish, meeting all Australian Standards.

• produces fully and partially type tested switchboards with fault current ratings up to 80KA for 1 sec.

On site capabilities

A-line Switchboards has mobile workshops that are capable of performing any on site modification, specialising in out of hours and weekend work.

A-line’s mobile workshops allow copper bar up to 100mm X 10mm to be cut, drilled and bent on site, with alterations up to 3500amps being successfully and easily accomplished.

With a mobile workshop that is kitted out with a 3KVA generator, lighting, a fully stocked bolt rack and too full length work benches, no job is too big or complicated.

A-line Switchboards offers its clients prescribed and non-prescribed work, while also supplying a certificate of safety upon completion.

A-Line outdoor pillars

A-line’s outdoor pillars give our clients a cost effective solution to installing a “Supply Capacity Control Device” circuit breaker (MCCB) or air circuit breaker (ACB).

A-line produces a fibreglass version fitted with an M.E.N link to suit your requirements from 100amps to 1250amps using MCCB’s.

A-line also offers a solution for the 1600amp to 4000amp current range using ACB’s. Utilising a variety of zinc anneal sheet metal cubicles outdoor rated to IP65, mounted onto a hot dipped galvanised plinth constructed to your mounting requirements.