A Lewis & Company  is a provider of timber and moulding solutions in Australia. A Lewis & Company was established in 1905 and has gained a name as the benchmark for excellence in the timber and moulding. A Lewis & Company is an experienced timber merchant and mouldings producer.

A Lewis & Company offers new products that are exclusive and good alternatives to conventional timber products. The new range of materials like Treated Re-dried Pine (T.R.P.) is very effective for all external applications.

A Lewis & Company offers premium quality raw materials in a wide range. A Lewis & Company provides complete guidance in the selection of suitable timber and building products for each applications.

A Lewis & Company provides combined woodworking skills of old and modern range. A Lewis & Company also offers Ecoselect brand of hardwoods. A Lewis & Company meets all the terms and regulations of environment practices in terms of biodiversity, forest regeneration and protecting the nature.

A Lewis & Company's wide range of products include Araucaria Dar MGP 12 LOSP, dressed and sawn timbers, deckings, benchtops, pine framing, weather borads, mouldings, handrails, redwood, Agathis and Kalanthis. There is Oregon Fascia, Kapur select Dar, prime H3 LOSP treated pine,treated pine Fascia, Jarrah specialists, window sections and mouldings, lining boards, trellis capping, fence capping, fretwork hearth mould, sleepers, Masonite, TRP mouldings, BGC cement sheet products to choose from.