A.A.A. Wastewater  is an authorised distributor of water treatment and water storage products. A.A.A. Wastewater distributes products from Taylex. The products from Taylex include commercial treatment systems, plastic rainwater tanks, grease extractors, plastic filters, irrigation equipment, pumps and various accessories for the tanks.

A.A.A. Wastewater is the distributor for Taylex, which manufactures plants and waste water systems. The Taylex compact waste water system is also distributed by A.A.A. Wastewater. This system is ideally suited for homes and it is a popular residential treatment system. The compact waste water system has a concrete construction which prevents internal leaks. Ease of installation is also another feature of this system.

The tanks distributed by A.A.A. Wastewater are made from a single moulded piece of concrete. This prevents internal leakage. Further, all the components used are purpose designed in this system. The waste water systems supplied by A.A.A. Wastewater are made of PVC fittings, concrete and stainless steel. These tanks also do not melt, buckle, burn or bend.